Ewa’s healing gifts are beyond any other I’ve ever experienced. After one session, I began to see progress on all levels of the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms. She has the divine intuition to bring all darkness towards the light. She is a true gift from God. Carolyn Palmer

My son had asthma and allergies as an infant and young child.Through the use of NAET and homeopathy, he was able to alleviate the problems. He is now 20, and if he finds he is allergic to anything, he makes an appt with Ewa, and it is eliminated through NAET. Carroll Clark

A profoundly spiritual person herself, she sees each person as already whole and works to remove the energetic blockages that stand in the way of the expression of radiant health. Dr. Lukasik has worked with me, including long distance healing, for over six years. Her spiritual counseling comes from the heart and has been sound and clear guidance during times of upheaval and uncertainty. Most of the healing is subtle, leaving one lighter within. My most amazing healing was for grief. Within an hour of the treatment, I broke out in hives that lasted 36 hours! Afterwards, I experienced a profound emotional/spiritual healing Ann Miller-Cohen

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